May 16, 2006   Primary Election
Candidate List
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Candidates Filed Filing Type Date Filed Withdrawn Date Qualified
  David W. Beem (REP) Fee 06-17-2005   Yes
  William E. Spidal (REP) Fee 08-03-2005   Yes
  Kevin Mannix (REP) Fee 11-07-2005   Yes
  Ted Kulongoski (DEM) Fee 11-21-2005   Yes
  Pete Sorenson (DEM) Fee 12-12-2005   Yes
  Jason A. Atkinson (REP) Fee 01-27-2006   Yes
  W. Ames Curtright (REP) Fee 02-06-2006   Yes
  Gordon Leitch (REP) Fee 02-06-2006   Yes
  Jim Hill (DEM) Fee 02-09-2006   Yes
  Ron Saxton (REP) Fee 02-21-2006   Yes
  Bob Leonard Forthan (REP) Fee 03-06-2006   Yes

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